In ancient times before the breaking of the world, the Mystical energies of life intertwined with the harshness of the day to day. In this world, demons roamed and the spirits of existence tormented man in twisted and dark ways. From the ancient isle of Atlantis, the Mages were born and trained. They wandered the world, keeping the peace and slaying the forces that would harm the living. They had the power of kings, yet wore the mantle of peacekeeper. Ever did the temptation to seize power pull at them, the desire to rule the sheep they were charged with protecting.

This is the tale of these powerful Mages of Hyboria, their wanderings and journies, their tasks and their missions; and the story of their rise to power and their fall into darkness…

Temple of sahila

Mage Tour thru Time: a test of Gnosis against the struggle for Power

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