Mage Tour thru Time: a test of Gnosis against the struggle for Power

the end of the pilgrimage

The mages have journied together for many years, and now their 7 year pilgrimage is coming to an end. They are called back to Atlantis, but first they must venture to the Lost Tower and discover what has become of Farijahd. Mysteries are afoot here, no one has heard from him in some time and the Waygate will no longer travel there…

Initiation into the Mysteries

They have come from the four corners of the world, our party. They have been gifted with the ability to touch the Supernals. They are the Willworkers, the Weavers of Reality. These untamed powers are the downfall to those that can’t control them. For our party, fortunately they were found by the Atlantian Mages at the time of their Awakening. They have trained. Now if they can complete the trials they will enter the world on their pilgrimage. Most who leave Atlantis do not return. Most who do not return will fall to the hands of those that have. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and if our party can not find a way to control their urges, the darkness of Hyboria will pull them into its machinations. For the Atlantian Mages that do return from their pilgrimage, they call this fall from Grace “The Empty Throne”…

The empty throne


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