Time Lords

Legacy of Kairos


Time Lords

“He who shepherds Time shepherds humanity and the universe.”

Some Awakened know that, much like most things, Time itself can be a variable. This variable can be potentially the most potent of all and true masters of Time can be either beneficial or a terrible thing.

Some Mages are so entranced by the awakened world and the study of the occult; they forget that their legacy is to protect the descendants of Atlantis at any cost and to rule with the wisdom of the ancients. With roots in Atlantis itself, Time Lords pledge never to forget.

Time Lords are chosen not only for their intelligence and understanding of Time but equally so for their allegiance to the stewardship of all of those who descend from Atlantis and those they protect.

After initiation, Time Lords are obliged to pledge their life’s study to Time and the eddies that flow through history—forwards or backwards.


Parent Path: Acanthus
Nickname: Travelers
Orders: Most Travelers find themselves within the Silver Ladder. After all those who are meant to rule and control the currents of Time must be in a position to exert the necessary influence.

A few Travelers might follow the Adamantine Arrow—after all the Timeline should be protected. Others prefer the Mysterium so that they might isolate and protect the artifacts of Atlantis throughout Time.

As for the remainders, the Travelers have little interest in the Free Council or the Guardians of the Veil.

Appearance: Time Lords tend to be bookish or even awkward but many will have the commanding presence of leadership. All know that authority partially derives from appearances and thus they will dress accordingly.

Background: Many Time Lords have an adventuring background of some sort. They must understand the world in order to see what is amiss in the flow of Time. Others are cloistered academicians who have studied beyond their peers and thus can support those more adventurous Time Lords.

Organization: There are never more than 5 Time Lords in concurrent time. Time Lords, after indoctrination, will travel for many years under the guidance of a more experience Traveler. When the master deems it appropriate, the student is sent on his way. Typically Travelers will align themselves with Mages who are more combat-oriented to form a more balanced cabal.

Suggested Oblations: Meditation for long hours, honing the senses to detect subtle shifts in the spiderweb of Time. At more advance stages, peering into other Time and places.

Concepts: Travelers, adventurers, academicians, aspiring leaders.