The Sphere of Nishpu

Legacy of Shadownix


The Sphere of Kishpu
As with all mages, there is always a necessity for ease of movement and the freedom to explore. Movers are the quintessential definition of this thought. The Obrimos that travel this legacies path are usually affiliated with the Mysterium, as they are seekers and protectors of knowledge. This legacy offers the ultimate opportunity for success of these goals. Movers are gifted with visions of destinations before they travel to these distant places. Through these attainments, few things are shielded from their perceptions. These powers are gifted to worthy initiates with a driving ambition for knowledge. First and foremost, knowledge must be respected and cherished. The Awakened are nothing without knowledge. This is a constant reminder to all initiates. The legacy also offers its members the power to travel anywhere in the world without restriction. The Mover’s path is merely the image conjured in a well trained mind. Traveling can take up so much time, via horse, boat, car, on foot, plane, or train, but the Mover takes the travel time out of the quotient. These mages control the fabric of space. They subjugate it to their will.
Appearance: Kish are from every walk of life. There is no distinct characteristic, other than a will to explore and collect information about the new, now, next. There is a driving goal with every Mover—knowledge.
Background: Kish are vigilant seekers of knowledge. Although, there are no real guiding characteristics of mages who follow this legacy, education is usually gifted to the privileged of any society. There are religious sects that open a world of knowledge to certain Awakened that would normally not have the opportunity. This legacy also opens up a world for a less desirable lot, and the attainments gained are quite beneficial for their purpose—a thief who can move without moving is a good thief.
Concepts: Archaeologists, historians, librarians, monster hunters, priests, professors, and thieves
Oblations: The Movers have very distinct oblations which almost always involve being in complete darkness, thus allowing for a more complete enlightenment. These meditations pull mana from the very threads of sympathy surrounding the Mover’s Hallow, These very intimate oblations connect the Mover with the living Earth more each time they are performed, and that connection is strengthened as her knowledge of the Earth grows.
Organization: The ranks of this legacy deal strictly with the Obrimos Path. Kish are part of a noble charge that will usher in a future of harmony and purpose for the Awakened. And most are affiliated in one way or another with the Mysterium. Kish aren’t tempestuous children. They are disciplined mages with a higher purpose, although, the stereotypes would brand them lonely sages watching over mouldering grimoires and corroded artifacts. Kish are dedicated to retrieving sacred lore for the good of the Awakened. Like the Mysterium, their purpose is to protect the Awakened, but also to provide a future that recognizes a renewal of the Atlantean arts.
Quote: “The codex to which you refer was cut from the hand of a 4,000 year old statue honoring Osiris, the Egyptian God of Death. No, you may not purchase it for $27million!”
Parent Path: Obrimos or Mysterium
Nickname: Kish or Movers


The Sphere of Nishpu

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