The Book of Storms

Shadownix' Spellbook



Her first work as a magical historian is far more personal than the others. This small codex is her own spellbook. Every nuance of her magic is collected in this book, including her true name. Shadownix has gone to great lengths to keep this book secret and safe.

The book is written in Supernal Script (Prime **)
Imbued Spells:
Bestow Invisibility (Matter *)
Conceal Sympathy
Disguise Resonance
Instill Elusiveness
Instill Exclusiveness

Shadownix  spellbook


Shadownix has dedicated her life to the preservation of magical knowledge and, by doing so, has elected to become a historian for Atlantis. Through trained memory and dedication, she will make Atlantis’ secrets known to the chosen. The Exarchs will covet their choices, but the world will not be shut off from magic.

The Book of Storms

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