Taurus Sanctum

Shadownix' Private Sanctum


There are four rooms in this sanctum: master bedroom (study, library, portal,) dry food stores, the second bedroom, and a great room. The entire sanctum is magically lit, and the temperature is regulated at 68 degrees. The entire installation is quite comfortable, although some may not like the complete absence of sound. There are no windows and no sounds outside the walls of the sanctum. There is only perfect silence.
There are various spells and protections cast in this sanctum:
Hide Space
Portal Key-trigger ‘words’ must be known


This comfortable abode is tucked away in a remote area of the Taurus Mountains (Turkey.) Shadownix, although constantly seeking out new knowledge of the arcane, decided that a need for a private sanctum would be wise for her future and the path she has chosen. With this new sanctum, she is free to study, catalog, and write about her findings in this new world. She is also free to archive a history of Atlantis and the Atlantean Arts.

Shadownix  sanctum2