Amulet of the Enduring Body

Shadownix' Pendant


Amulet of the Enduring Body (Mysterium p.215)

Durability 3, Size 1, Structure 4
Usually made in the form of a ring or pendant that
can be worn at all times, and containing an image of
either a stylized human body or a human heart, this
item provides a persistent version of the spell “Body
Mastery.” If the mage wears this item continually, her
lifespan is 75 years longer than normal, she gains three
additional successes on all rolls to resist poisons, diseases
or drugs and all of her wounds heal eight times more
rapidly than normal. This item is very popular among
members of the Mysterium. The hearty explorers and
archaeologists who venture into the remote and dangerous
regions of both this world and the Shadow Realm
love the additional protection provided by an item
that allows them to recover faster and more easily from
the affects of the dangers of such places. In addition,
these rugged explorers and the order’s many bookish
scholars greatly desire the longevity and freedom from
decrepitude this item provides.

Wounds recover at the following rates.
Bashing: One point is regained in 15 minutes—Amulet: 2 minutes
Lethal: One point is regained in two days—Amulet: 6 hours
Aggravated: One point is regained in a week—Amulet: 21 hours


Amulet of the Enduring Body

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