The Keeper of Secrets


Slim and gaunt is the man knows as Varshtin. His outward appearance gives a litany of his life’s challenges, victories and failures. Little is know, even to himself, where he hails from but since his early years he has always felt a distant calling. He is most always found swathed in black robes with deep cowl. The bulk tends to hid the armor and arms hidden under and the depth of the cowl hides his look of distain and distance for all the people who do not embrace the one universal truth. Everything Ends.


A orphan at birth, found in a graveyard. His time in the orphanage was short as he embraced street life early, finding food and shelter when he could and moving from place to place in order to find his calling. This calling is something deep in his soul. When he was young he wasn’t ready to follow the calling but in his teen years he began to see visions of himself and knew greatness was in store for him if he just kept the path. This path ultimately lead him back to the place of his birth. A ancient graveyard for a time long ago. In this graveyard he closed his eyes and walked along the path. The path lead to a broken tomb, the smell of death all around him. He stopped looked into the abyss… hesitated for a moment the stepped down into its depths. What happened in those depths, he will not recount for the secret’s are his to keep thou he does elude to the fact that he died down there but death itself spat him back out onto the living world.