Hebe the Eternal

Obrimos Mage of the Mysterium


Name: Hebe the Eternal
Real Name: Princess Elsbethe (Laela)
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 20,000b.c.
Age of Awakening: 18
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Race: Zamoran (King Mitradites(Father) Queen Talimah(Mother)
Nationality: Zamoran
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 135lb.
Sex: female

Laela is very shapely and attractive. Her skin is very pale and smooth. She isn’t quick to trust anyone, and she can be quite abbrasive in certain situations.


Names Through the Ages: Shadownix, Hebe
Hyborian Age (Atlantis) (Shadownix)
It is the Hyborian Age, a time of barbaric plunders, harsh climates, and7 powerful swords and sorcery. The land is divided into many small kingdoms, one of which is host to a very headstrong and fiery tempered woman named Laela. She made a miracle!

The Kingdom of Zamora
Population: 3,300,000
Capital: Shadizar (pop. 410,000)
Ruler: King Mitradites
Major cities: Arenjun (pop. 330,000), Yezud (pop. 110,000)
Resources: Sheep, cattle, tin, copper
Imports: Food, spices, gems
Allies: Turan (pays tribute to)
Enemies: Hyperborea
Tech level: Middle eastern
Religion: Zath, Bel, Ishtar, Nergal

Babylon (Hebe)
Atlantis has fallen, and the new Mysterium isn’t quite what Shadownix is accustomed to. There isn’t a fierce discipline within the ranks of her order and most of those ranks do not believe that Atlantis existed. They are driven by a faith that believes in a shadow of Atlantis—a shadow that will never compare to the city of light and prosperity. Along with her mentor, Shadownix is content to play along with this new Mysterium—play along and puppeteer these cretinous fools. Shadownix has devoted herself to the history and memory of her home and school. She has dedicated her life to uncovering lost secrets and cataloging those secrets. She will be the historian of this new age without the Exarchs. She will not see this world fall in line with the would-be gods who have taken magic from the chosen. She will explore and collect and reestablish the Atlantean Arts. She will keep the celestial fires burning for all, who are chosen, to see and feel.


Mycenae 1260b.c. (Hebe)
Babylon and most of the Awakened have been destroyed! The group completed its task to begin a ritual that would give a single human power over the supernal realm on the Hisil. Many tricks and ambitions were brought to light by the sometimes heroic and sometime extremely lucky band of Atlanteans. Conspiring with Marduk, we helped to spoil Limnok and Thevalat’s plan to enslave the Awakened.
…we wake in a strange place and are greeted by a beautiful woman called Minerva. She is clad in a wrap of cloth called a toga. We are petitioned to help King Agamemnon defeat another King, named Priam. Hebe is quickly realizing that this life is going to be repetitive and filled with peril. She worries that her mentor is no longer living. She hopes Dark’Lor’s resourcefulness will win out and the destruction did not touch him.

Hebe the Eternal

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