Thyrsus – Guardian of the Veil


Two golden pools of amber were what people usually noticed about Naalnish, and he learned at an early age that he could use those to his advantage. At 25, he was in great physical shape, his movements resembled that of a jaguar, and his mind was full of secrets. It seemed that the only time his mind could keep still was when he indulged in a fermented beverage or inhaled the smoke from burning herbs. Although he knew that most mages frowned upon this, he found that he could use this altered state to his advantage; there was a fine line between just enough and too much, and knew that this may one day be his downfall.


Naalnish’s beginning would have been much different if the mage Shizhé’é hadn’t crossed his path. On the day Naalnish came into the world, the mage had come across his dying mother in the woods. She had just given birth to Naalnish and pleaded with the mage to take her son and keep him safe. As the mage looked at the boy for the first time, he was gifted with a vision and knew that he must watch over him. He was going to be the first of many to help this boy attain greatness.

As the days and years passed, Naalnish became known for his knowledge of herbs, healing abilities and being able to keep a secret. It was second nature for him to wear different masks, and not having a family to hold him back only seemed to help him be a better Guardian.