The Atlantian: Master of Time, Founder of the Time Lords


Kairos does not stand out in the crowd for his appearance. There is really nothing special about him. He is neither ugly nor attractive, he is neither graceful nor clumsy. There is however a certain air about him that tells of ambition, determination and perhaps even some entitlement.

Kairos is 5’9", 165 lbs with stark Atlantian white hair and green eyes. His muscular is nothing to behold but neither something to scorn. He dresses in formal Atlantean style and pays homage to his family through his dress and his actions.

Despite his sometimes aloof nature, Kairos is very caring of those he calls friend and will do anything to protect them. Earning that friendship is not always easy but once earned Kairos will stop at nothing to keep it.


Kairos was bred of nobility and nothing less than excellence is accepted by his family. A true child of Atlantis, Kairos has rarely ventured outside of the friendly confines. Even so, he has managed to quickly impress the leadership of the Silver Ladder and earn his way through intelligence and work ethic. Now beginning his true pilgrimage Kairos will test himself and seek to start building his legacy.

With the fall of Atlantis, Kairos has dedicated himself to the study of Time and its protection in terms of continuity. He must also know all of what happened in the Fall…