Mage Tour thru Time: a test of Gnosis against the struggle for Power

reclaiming the orb

Our party took to the rough Sea Port of Messarta looking for any angles in rumors, and the locations of any Atlantian Mages gone underground. They found 2 members of the Empyrean Wardens. (Angus the Mean – Obrimos Mysterium, and Prather the Unstoppable – Thyrsys Arrow). The party now forged on, leaving to the West of the town in hopes of reaching the Temple of the Whispering Winds for some “negotiations”.

Half way there through the jungle, the party was waylaid by the Rum Puckers, a Thieves Guild in a shanty town. With some chaotic happenings, Kairos assumed control of the Thieves Guild after laying fiery waste to their shanty town and humuliating their leader. Shortly there-after it was revealed that an entire collective dwelt in the as-of-yet unexplored underground city.

Finding a sneaky back way into the temple, our crew heads in the lower catacombs, kills some innocents, and wears some disguises to go above ground. They find a gruesome scene as the mighty ’God" Zavenda is nothing more than a demon being fed power from the missing mages. A titanic battle ensues with the demon, and then with “Arch-Mage” Korrander, who appears to be more Gnosis 3 than 6. Finally, the Priests of Zavenda are overcome, and the Orb is returned to Atlantian hands.

Now are party must decide to return it to Limnoch, or take it to another (Telfas? Master Atlan? the Wardens?)…



lordbaccus lordbaccus

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