Mage Tour thru Time: a test of Gnosis against the struggle for Power

maserta, pirate city, storming the temple

The party of travelling mages was on the last leg of their journey to finish their pilgrimage in Atlantis and take full status as Atlantian Mages. First they were asked to speak to Master Telfas, head of the Mysterium, at the Ars Draconis. He was in a foul mood, and the meeting was not entirely successful.

Our mages travelled by Waygate to Atlantis, where they stood before Master Atlan and received their rings and robes of their new station. On their way to the Silver Ladder Consortium, they were asked to meet with Limnoch, the All-Seeing. Limnoch filled the heads of the young mages with delusions of Grandeur, and spun them in webs of confusion. He sent them on a mission to the Lost Tower to discover the where-abouts of Farijahd the keeper, and of the Orb of Eternity.

With important missions afoot, they went back to the Ars Draconis to seek the “Loose Sparrow” and Captain Yaris. At the skyport they found their query, and soon were off to the Lost Tower.

Caught in the Storm of Torment, they were beset by the lightening elementals summoned by Farijahd as protectors of the Towers secrets. Though they attempted a valiant survival effort, the skyship was rent in two, the mysterious cargo of Limnoch lost in the lava river (maybe). With only the hands of fate did the party survive, barely avoiding a death upon the rocks. Most of the crew were tossed to and fro before being immolated in a river of lava.

Once in the tower, signs of a titanic battle were apparent. It seems that some mysterious priests from the Western Pirate town of Messarta had claimed the orb, kidnapped Farijahd, and slaughtered the acolytes of the tower. A search revealed a lone survivor, a coward that hid and let others die. With use of dark necromancy, and visions of what transpired, our party plotted a new course. Limnoch sent a holographic similcrum once they had secured the tower, and soon a new, better skyship and crew was acquired.

Playing pirates sailing upon the sea, our party arrives on the shores of Messarta. It appears they will try the front door strategy for the priests of Zavenda. What secrets does High Priest Korrander keep? Who is this “God” Zavenda? And how did these priests know the location of the Orb and how to activate it?



lordbaccus lordbaccus

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