Mage Tour thru Time: a test of Gnosis against the struggle for Power

The Fall of Atlantis

The party has been running around the city of Eruk, looking for leads and clues into the Orb and Limnoch. Finally Prather has returned and calls for a secret meeting in the Under City to decide the fate of the orb.

The Party leaves the confines of the Sand Whapper Inn, noticing they are being pursued. After some confrontations and struggles, they make their way to the outer edge of the Under City where they hire Talish, a frequent traveller to the Under City.

The party battles through hordes of undead, then faces off against an Ice Mage who is possessed by a demon on a side mission called forth by Incendium. With the ice staff in hand, they arrive at the Temple of the 4-armed Barbarian God.

Awaiting is Prather, Raji the Brooding, and Obrimos himself. But wait! Its a trap! Rendar the Seeker brings his “seekers” and a titanic battle emerges. Limnoch arrives once Rendar has the upper hand and trades the life of Master Atlan; but not for the Orb. Instead he wishes control of the Supernal Key. Off he goes through a portal.

The party then portals itself to Atlantis where war has erupted. The Oracles and Exarchs rage in battle. Dark’Lor, Shadownix’s feisty mentor, assists in the battle against Kranor and his Automatons upon his “pansy pad”. Left with little choice after sustaining serious damage, the party retreats to the Safe Room of Acanthus.

Dark’Lor activates the chamber, rocketing the party through aeons of time.

A Babylonian Explorer and Priest of Ea find the party awakening. They are taken to Babylon, a shadow of the cities that once existed. Here they meet the “Gods” Ea and Marduk. After some tense moments with Ea, Marduk saves the party from a bad social scene and whisks them off to his Palace.

What future awaits our party in this new world where Magic has been cut off?

Atlantis ruins


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The Fall of Atlantis
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